7 Rudest street and town names in Britain

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There is no denying we have some really rude street names and town names in Britain. And this isn’t just my weird mind, even Shakespeare himself was keen on throwing around naughty words for various locations. So here is a list of the top 7 rudest street and town names around.

Because this list isn’t censored, it isn’t suitable for children or pets. Ready? Ready….

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  • Mahri Shelton

    Love these, haha! Thank you for the laugh 😀

    • blimey.com

      Hahaha! There are probably 100 more. I’ll do another list in a few weeks.

  • Glyn

    Now don’t forget ‘Pratt’s Bottom’ in Kent

    • Brilliant haha, thanks!

    • Thanks for that! Will add that in the next list for sure 🙂

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