Watch Benedict Cumberbatch and his Mum at the Chelsea Flower Show

I confess, I don’t have a huge amount of interest in gardening here at Blimey! towers. The sun is so hot in North Carolina it’s managed to burn any last drop of colour from my grass. All I’m left with is a horrid brown lawn covered in a plentiful supply of weeds.

Meanwhile at the Chelsea Flower Show, a positive cornucopia of colourful and vibrant delights are bringing much needed happiness to the great British public.

So how’s about I mix in the popularity of the flower show WITH Benedict Cumberbatch who is a pretty fine actor? That sounds a good mix. And we’ll chuck in his mum too. Perfect. They natter on about their respective gardening experience, Benedict’s memories of playing in London parks and so on. Very nice and English it is too…

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